Celtic Angels Inc: Assisted Living VS. Home Health Care

There have been huge changes in our attitudes towards aging. I have spoken to hundreds of seniors about aging and what their choice would be when it came to their care and not one has ever replied that they would like to go to a nursing home. When visiting nursing homes, I am always struck by the low energy and how the patients who are sitting in the corridors in their wheelchairs come life when  you smile and say “hello”.

We are all going down the same path in regards to the aging process, not even the pope escapes!!! In my golden years I definitely would like to create some alternatives to nursing homes, I think now they are considered evil. As a society we are in the midst of a fast moving tech, savy world. We have to start thinking about how we can integrate our communities so our elders can play a role and feel a sense of belonging. It’s not natural to group one set of peers together.

I interviewed a 91 year old Weymouth resident and asked her what she thought of the idea of sharing a house with maybe 3 other people and sharing the costs of home health aids, nursing and all the other services that they would need. She loved the idea as she felt that she would have control over her environment and the people who would be assisting all the members in the home as well as the fact that this would be a very cost effective.

While talking to one of my patients in  assisted living she stated “I hate it  here ,these are all old people”. The patient in question was 92. I really started thinking about what profound observation, it would be totally unnatural for anyone to live with all the same age group. In conclusion I really, really think that there are going to be definite changes in the way we all approach our elderly population and from all my interviews, a hundred in total, had a very positive response to the concept of small residual houses with in our communities young, old and in between living and learning from each other.