Our Philosophy

We believe health care is a dynamic, therapeutic and educational process that will strive to meet the health needs of the client. Hence, we believe:

  1. That the client is the most important person. We recognized the individuality of each client and their family which encompasses the client’s background, beliefs and emotional status.
  2. That nursing care includes assessment, diagnosis, intervention and evaluation of the client’s needs.
  3. That we maintain pertinent client records.
  4. That all health care personnel are responsible for client and family teaching with documentation.
  5. That the client and his/her family are aware of Community Resources which will contribute to the patients care, convalescence and rehabilitation.
  6. That the delivery of cost controlled equality client care necessitates planning and consultation with all member of the health care team.
  7. That continuous orientation and in-service programs for all health care personnel be provided.
  8. That as the role of the health care worker changed with the expanded health programs, cost-effective hospital management and professional development, we will be client-centered in our thinking.
  9. That these can be reached only through using talented, caring health care professionals and paraprofessionals working together.

Our primary objective is to provide qualified employees to care for the client in their home environment or in an institution. This is accomplished by seeing that our clients receive the very best in professional and paraprofessional services. This goal can only be reached by employing skilled, compassionate employees.