Meet The Owner

Maria Burke

In a small town 13 miles east of Cork City, Ireland, Maria Burke was raised with a work ethic that is based on compassion and hard work. At the young age of 11, Maria was already in the local hospitals giving out little soap bars and other essentials to the patients.

Maria’s Grandfather, Pat Barrett, was her inspiration. Maria speaks proudly of her respected grandfather who worked as an orderly. “In the hospital he could light up any room he walked into. He had a gentle and kind demeanor that is rare to find in a person.

The patients absolutely adored him! I remember him regularly playing the accordion and singing for the patients and them being mesmerized by his genuine presence.

But the one thing that I always think about is how truly happy he was just to see a simple smile cross their faces. I would watch him in awe and think how lucky I was to have such a role model. If every caregiver out there had his mentality or even just half of it, the care in the elder community would improve.”

The joy that Maria felt through watching her Grandfather throughout the years inspired her to challenge herself. She decided to venture out to the United States in the late 1980’s.

While working as a home care community nurse, Maria saw the need for high quality, compassionate and reliable home care services. She decided to take the plunge and open her own Home Health Care Agency in 2005, known today as Celtic Angels Inc.

Maria felt with her experience that she could provide exceptional care with a personal touch and create a community of care for her patients. Providing the best care possible for her patients is Maria’s true passion in life and she continuously goes above and beyond for her patients, just as her grandfather did.