5 Must-Have Tech for Seniors to Stay Connected with Family

By Maria Burke, RN, Owner, Celtic Angels Home Health Care

Loneliness is a serious concern for seniors. Technology can help. Below is a list of my 5 suggested tech products for seniors in an effort to stay connected with family members and friends.


  1. Smartphone


While most Americans consider smartphones essential, fewer than one-third of seniors between the ages of 73 and 90 have one. If you or your senior loved one does not yet own a smartphone, it’s a must-have purchase to make. Smartphones allow seniors to connect with family through phone calls, video chat, and other apps. And importantly, they make it possible to reach out to family members in the event of an emergency, too. You can purchase them for a very low price and avoid a costly monthly fee by purchasing ones that only charge you by the minutes you use.


  1. Tablet


While tablets don’t offer quite as many uses as a smartphone, they are still wonderful pieces of technology to help seniors stay connected with family. They are lighter than a laptop, making them easier to carry from room to room. But they have substantially bigger screens than smartphones, which makes them a good choice for video chatting. Plus, there are even tablets designed specifically for seniors. Don’t forget to purchase a tablet stand, too. That way, your senior loved one can chat hands-free.


  1. Computer


Many seniors appreciate having their own computer. It’s a multifunctional device that allows them to participate in social media, watch videos, take online courses, and more. It’s also wonderful for staying connected to loved ones. Seniors can take advantage of services like Skype or Zoom to video chat with family. But they can also chat through social media or send emails, too. And because a computer offers more memory than a tablet or smartphone, they can stay connected with family even while doing other things like streaming their favorite shows.


  1. Robot Companions


A robot might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of ways for seniors to stay connected with family, but maybe it should be! There are some amazing robots available now that not only provide mental stimulation and virtual companionship to seniors, but also help them stay connected to their families. That’s because they connect to a tablet or have their own screen on which users can video chat. Additionally, they monitor seniors for potential concerns and can use a preprogrammed contact list to alert family members if their senior loved one needs help.


  1. Digital Photo Frames


Seniors love to see photos of their loved ones, but space is often limited. That’s where a digital photo frame can help. Seniors can view a large number of cherished family memories all in one frame. And many digital frames now come with the capability to upload photos through the cloud, so family members can send new photos directly to their senior loved one’s frame. It’s a lovely way to stay connected, particularly during special events like a wedding or a grandchild’s sports game.


Technology has improved our lives in many ways, and that includes having the ability to connect with family members who can’t always physically be with us. If you and your senior loved one can’t be together as often as you’d like, consider trying a few of these options.


Remember, at Celtic Angels Home Health Care, we are always here to help. We’re happy to assist your senior loved one in recommending some basic technology tools to connect with family, along with providing many other services. Learn more about the services we offer at www.celticangelsinc.com

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