6 Questions to Ask a Home Health Provider Before Hiring One

By Maria Burke, RN, Owner Celtic Angels Home Health Care


Entrusting the care of your loved one (or yourself!) to someone else can be nerve-racking. But it can also improve their quality of life and provide care partners with a much-needed break.


So how do you choose the best caregiver for your senior loved one? Asking the right questions will help. Here are six questions to ask a home health provider before hiring one.

  1. What Days and Hours Are Home Health Services Available?


A potential home health provider’s availability is important information when deciding which home health provider to hire. Think about when you most need help and ask whether caregivers are available during those hours.


You may need a very different schedule if you want help with appointments or care for your loved one while you work than if you want a break on the weekends. It’s important to make sure your schedule aligns.

  1. Are They Willing to Show All Appropriate Documentation?


Before hiring a home health provider, it’s important to know they are up to date on all required documentation. This includes things like insurance, CPR and first-aid certifications, required immunizations, certifications related to your loved one’s condition, and background checks on employees.


Your senior loved one’s safety is critical, so ensuring all appropriate documentation is in order is your best assurance that the home health provider you are considering is a reputable agency that follows the law.

  1. What Services Do They Provide?


Some home health agencies mainly focus on medical care. Others mostly help with personal care and assistance around the home. Still others, like Celtic Angels Home Health Care, offer a variety of medical, personal, and homemaking services.


Make sure your needs align with the services the home health provider offers.

  1. How Is Transportation Handled?


If you need a caregiver to help with your loved one’s transportation to things like medical appointments, outings, or shopping trips, it’s a good idea to ask how the home health provider handles transportation. Do they use company cars, their personal vehicles, or will they drive yours?


Be sure to ask about expenses, too. For example, is the cost of transportation included in their fee, or will you be expected to reimburse the home health provider for gas or mileage?

  1. What Experience Do They Have with Your Loved One’s Conditions?


It’s important that you feel confident in the care a home health provider will give to your senior loved one, so be sure to ask about their experience caring for people with your loved one’s conditions.


For example, do they have experience caring for people with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or

Parkinson’s Disease? Heart condition? Diabetes? Are they able to perform all the necessary tasks needed to care for your loved one? Gather all the information you need to feel comfortable with a provider before making a decision to hire one.

  1. How Do You Handle Difficult Situations, Like Care Refusal?


Sometimes, as seniors age, they develop conditions that make caring for them difficult. For example, seniors with cognitive disorders, like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, often refuse care.


Ask how caregivers would handle these situations. Their answers will give you an idea of how they will approach your senior loved one’s care.


Would you like to learn more about Celtic Angels Home Health Care and the services we provide? We’re happy to answer all your questions! Contact Us today to get started.

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