Stir Up Your Holiday Season with a Traditional Irish Sherry Trifle!

From my home to yours, a delicious holiday treat for all of you sweet tooths out there! I hope you can enjoy this Sherry Trifle recipe that comes all the way from my home, Ireland. My family and I love this dish, so give it whirl and bring some Irish into your home this holiday season!


12 oz. Sponge cake
Raspberry or Strawberry Jam (Whatever flavor you prefer!)
1 Box of Cherry, Strawberry or Raspberry Jello (Whatever flavor you prefer!)
1/2 Cup of Sherry
1 Tin of fruit cocktail (Drained)
2 cups of thick Custard
2 cups of Whipped Cream

– Make in a large glass bowl.

1) Cut sponge cake into equal 1 inch square slices.
2) On each cake slice spread raspberries jam on each side and then line the bottom of the glass dish with the slices.
3) Pour fruit cocktail on top of the cake slices.
4) Dissolve the Jello in boiling water and when dissolved, add the sherry to make up approximately a pint of jelly liquid.
5) Pour prepared Jello on top of the fruit and cake slices.
6) Leave in Fridge overnight.

1) Spoon over a thick layer of custard on top of the solid cake.
2) Finish with a thick layer of whipped cream on top of the custard.
3) Decorate with strawberry slices, raspberries or what ever else you would like to add on top.
4) Keep Refrigerated until serving time!

NOTE: If serving children, Exclude the Sherry.

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