Irish rewarded for living to 100 years of age? IT’S TRUE and it’s called The Centenarian Bounty.

The Centenarian Bounty is a national award given by the President of Ireland to any Irish born person who has lived to be 100 years of age. This reward is a personalized letter of congratulations signed by the President of Ireland and earnings that can go up to €3,560.00. The Centenarian will receive these rewards on his or hers 100th birthday. It is important for all Irish living residents in the United States, or any other country for that matter, to know about this bounty as it is available to any person who was born in Ireland. This award was introduced by President Douglas Hyde in 1940, when the payment was only £5. The bounty has clearly risen since then and the elderly are being more appreciated in current days. I had one patient from county Galway who passed just eight weeks shy of turning a hundred. She had so much fun planning what she was going to do with her windfall and as her caregivers, we all loved to see her get so excited. I would love to share with you her final plan which was a cruise and we were all going to sip pina coladas on the cruise ships deck!!!!! She was an amazing woman and we all miss her but know that she is still with us. She lives on in our hearts and truly touched all of our lives. It was such a honor and I hope in your life time you meet someone who touches your life in a very special way.

When applying for this bounty you will need the following:
-Applicant’s civil birth certificate and/or Irish Passport. If surname is different from original name at birth, a marriage certificate will also be needed.
-Two recent proofs of identity will be needed as well. (Photo I.D., Utility Bills, ect.)

PLEASE NOTE:These documentations are essential to the application and are required to confirm applicant’s identity, age, Irish citizenship and place of birth.

I provided a link to The Centenarian Bounty application below:

I feel that not many people know about this award and that it is important for the Irish community living in America or any other country, to have the knowledge of this beneficial bounty. Wishing you all every joy, happiness, peace and love today and every day and may 2011 be your best year ever!!!!!!!!
Best Wishes
Maria Burke

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