Caring for a loved one can be incredibly taxing on the mind, body and spirit of the care partner. That’s why we fully support anyone who makes the difficult decision to move their loved one to a residence that specialize in caring for people as they age. There is no shame; in fact, that decision of one of complete love.

Putting Your Aging Parent in Assisted Living Doesn’t Make You A Bad Person

By Maria Burke, RN, Owner, Celtic Angels Home Health Care

Anyone born from 1946 to 1964 who still has their parents may very well be dealing with the situation where you have to decide how to care for them.

Do you make arrangements for your aging parents to move in with you? How will you care for them if you work? Are you equipped to manage their medical needs? Emotional needs? Day to day hygiene requirements and the delicacies that come with those efforts?

Many baby boomers are still working full time just for the benefits due to the high costs of health care and retirement. So many are faced with that very difficult decision to move their parent or both parents out of their home or residence and into some type of assisted living or nursing home.

Making That Heart Wrenching Decision

Many of our parents are from an era where independence was heroic. So, they are very good at demonstrating their independence even when they are far beyond the point where they should not be living alone. There are safety issues that need to be addressed like falling in the home or leaving appliances on.

You don’t have to make this decision alone. Consider bringing in someone who specializes in assessing your mom, dad or aging loved one’s abilities to continue living independently.

Many home health care agencies will have a Registered Nurse on staff that will come to your parent’s residence and meet with you and your parent to conduct a professional assessment that will determine if your parent is safe. The RN can establish if your parent can continue managing their own personal hygiene, housekeeping, shopping, preparing healthy meals, handling simple daily tasks, and even continue safely driving their car.

Having someone other than yourself make the determination that it is time to move your parent out of their residence and into a care facility removes much of the guilt and shame of making that decision all on your own.

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